The Importance of the Insight Session

An insight session is the initial meeting between the Photographer (me) and the client (you). It is intended to, as the name suggests, gather insight regarding the prospective project. Whether it is in-person, over skype or over online chat, it is incredibly important to connect before diving in. This is the time to discuss any and all aspects of your brand and the message you want to convey to your target audience.

Often, it is a great idea to bring visual inspiration, a list of colours and objects that speak to your brand image, and any ideas that you want to incorporate in the photographs we create. You might be surprised to hear that even the seemingly mundane – an image of a chair that you like, or your favourite plant, or a specific time of year that “speaks” to you – can help me in determining how to create the best imagery for the project. Even the littlest of things can be a part of your story and show me a different side of your brand. Don’t hold back! All details, no matter how small they seem, can be hugely impactful.

The insight session is only the first step in creating powerful and meaningful visual content for your brand. Whether it be for customized stock photography or social media imagery, this initial meeting lays the ground work for a beautiful collaboration.

To book your insight session today, you can easily do so using our online calendar.

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